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ALTCON showcases global projects on an impressive 86-inch touchscreen with Omnitapps

ALTCON offers used machines with a long lifespan, and their all-around service is relied upon by hundreds of customers in more than 50 countries. Their team of specialists ensures that the machines are delivered to customers in optimal condition, and worldwide delivery is provided right to their doorstep. If something happens to the machine, the team is dedicated to keeping them running at full speed.

In 2019, Prestop installed an impressive 86-inch 4k touchscreen at ALTCON, which we built into a wall at their office. A few weeks ago, we updated their Omnitapps presentation! Have a look at how they demonstrate their worldwide projects!

Altcon Panasonic touchscreen 86 inch Prestop

Panasonic screen turned interactive

At Prestop, we possess a cleanroom that we use to convert monitors up to 86 inches into touchscreens. In 2019, we had the privilege of doing this for ALTCON, a Dutch heavy machinery company that wanted to showcase its worldwide projects. As the computer had been in use for over four years and was operating slowly, we installed a new one today, which is up to the task for many more years to come!

Showcasing projects on a touchscreen

At our company, we offer our customers the option to use their own software or our software package. We prioritize finding the best solution for our customers and are always willing to accommodate their preferences. Recently, we created a presentation using Omnitapps and utilized the Swipe Media Marker application. Our presentation showcased a world map with markers that, when interacted with, displayed videos and photos of ALTCON's global projects and machines in action. Have a look at some screenshots below!

Altcon screenshots Omnitapps
Altcon screenshots Omnitapps
Altcon screenshots Omnitapps
Altcon screenshots Omnitapps

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