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2-meter society

Monday 25 May 2020

As a specialist in the field of interactive solutions we saw, well before the measures were introduced by the cabinet, that things were going to be different for us as well.

In mid-February, the first trade fairs were cancelled and pilots were discontinued, with the result that our rental hall became increasingly full. In mid-March, we decided to convert our touchscreen tables into large video call TVs, to convert the information kiosks and order kiosks into donation kiosks and to make them available free of charge. Parallel to this, we immediately started investigating how our solutions can be applied now and after this crisis, continuously anticipating the new 2-meter (approx. 6 feet) society.

Furthermore, our team immediately started to innovate and developed new products and solutions with which we will work together to ensure that visitors to our shops, museums, stand, etc. arrive in a regulated way, provide information where they can without burdening personnel, etc.

On our website and through newsletters we extensively discuss a large number of these new solutions, we tell that anti-bacterial coating and glass is of no use, what subsidies are available, etc.


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