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Schiphol contactless kiosk

From now on, Schiphol proactively offers passengers with a short transfer the possibility to pass the queue faster at checkpoints. New self-service units designed and produced by Prestop have been installed on two piers where many transfer passengers arrive. There, travelers can scan their boarding pass and if they have a short transfer time, the 'Short Connection Pass' will be printed out. With this pass, travelers with a short transfer time do not have to queue up at security and passport control.

Convenient for traveler and employee

With this service, travelers are actively made aware of the possibility to make use of the facilities for a short transfer. In addition, this service makes it easier for employees to recognize and help travelers with a short transfer. As a result, Schiphol reduces the risk of delays for departing flights with many transfer passengers on board.

Hi-MACS and special monitors

The organic shape of these kiosks could be achieved by cladding a powder-coated inner frame with solid sheet material. This product housing fits seamlessly into the framework and all unique processing properties of Solid Surface have been consulted for the manufacture of the kiosks. From seamless bonding to thermoforming and from 3-D modulation to 5-axis milling. The characteristic of the units is that the models have large seamless curves with a solid appearance and a seamlessly glued grey line over the entire side. The units themselves are equipped with a 32" and 24" high brightness monitor, QR scanner, and a boca printer. 

Contactless Schiphol Short Connection Pass kiosk

Contactless scanning at Heineken Experience

For more than 8 years, Prestop has been the supplier of many interactive applications for Heineken Experience. For example, you cannot only order a bottle of beer with your own label at the Bottle Your Own, but you can also order tickets in the lobby through the ticket ordering kiosk. New is the scan kiosk. This kiosk is equipped with two Full HD displays in portrait and barcode scanner where the visitor can scan his/her ticket contactless. When the visitor scans his/her ticket, both the visitor and the staff see whether the ticket is valid and for how many people. Completely contactless. 

Ticket scan kiosk at the entrance of a company or museum

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