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Custom Digital Reception kiosks

A self-service information point with video chat functionality can be used in a public area of an airport, lobby, or reception hall. These video chat kiosks are expandable with a barcode scanner, RFID reader, passport scanner, and other peripherals. Prestop developed and produces these kiosks to order.

Digital reception with hand gel dispenser

Corona has made hand gel dispensers commonplace. By order of one of our resellers, we have equipped our standard digital reception kiosks with a contactless hand gel dispenser. From now on, visitors can report to the kiosk and contact the person with whom they have an appointment. The registration kiosk has a speaker, camera, and a built-in disinfection gel dispenser. Before and after using the touchscreen, visitors can disinfect their hands.

disinfection reception kiosk

Take a look at our disinfection reception kiosk

Driver kiosk outdoor

Driver kiosk

A driver kiosk is an outdoor kiosk, especially suitable for logging in or registering. Extra options with this outdoor kiosk are an expansion with an intercom, camera, and a link to a database.


Hotel guests or visitors to a congress or event can check in via a check-in kiosk. The kiosk can be equipped with, for example, a barcode scanner, printer, RFID reader, or passport scanner.

Video chat applications

Due to the increase in the use of video call programs such as Zoom and teams related to working from home, the demand has also increased for the use of video calls in information kiosks and order kiosks. Prestop has had experience with video calls since April 2019 because these applications are used in the self-service kiosks of Schiphol Airport. The applied components can of course also be used in other custom-made kiosks.

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