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Built-in/Chassis touchscreens

Prestop considers circularity and durability of paramount importance. We believe that our built-in/chassis monitors contribute to this. This is because we build the build-in frames out of a build-in frame with on top of it the edge-to-edge glass which is provided with touch foil on the inside. In this frame, we place the monitor.

Local purchase of the screens and installation by local installers.

Because many of our customers have stores and/or factories worldwide, our built-in frames are also used worldwide. For the installation of these frames no Prestop technician is needed, this means that we do not have to make flight hours, because we use local installers. These installers buy the screens locally. Because of this, we ensure that in case of a defect these installers can have the repair of the screen carried out by the local distributor. So it does not have to be sent back and forth by Prestop.

Because of this set-up, we can call ourselves the worldwide supplier of all custom-made touchscreens for the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein stores since 2016.


Because our pcap/edge-to-edge built-in touchscreens can be built completely flush into a wall, our screens are also frequently used in operating rooms.

Commissioned by reseller Inter Visual Systems, Prestop has installed 28 touchscreens of different sizes in seven operating rooms. In the ORs of the Sint Maartenskliniek, Prestop installed seven 24", seven 65" and no less than fourteen 86" custom made touchscreens.


They are literally seamless, because bacteria can settle in seams. With these screens, the OR team can control everything: from temperature to light, and from showing X-rays to showing the time remaining until certain actions are completed.

Tommy Hilfiger : Touchscreens in 16 countries

In December 2016 Prestop was asked to design and produce interactive touchscreen solutions for Tommy Hilfiger's flagship stores.

Prestop has been delivering all interactive touchscreen solutions for Tommy Hilfiger's stores for four three years now. For each store, it is determined whether 32", 40", 65" and 86" touchscreens, touch table screens, touch video walls and/or interactive mirrors will be placed.

For Tommy Hilfiger, Prestop has installed several touchscreen solutions in stores in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Dubai, Germany, England, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden, United States, and Switzerland.

Digital store window and touchscreens for stores VVV Zeeland.

VVV Zeeland helps tourists by providing all kinds of information about sights, history, and events in the various regions. Martijn Kapel, project manager at the VVV Zeeland: "Touch solutions are provided in the new store formula developed for the VVV. In addition to touchscreens, there is particular interest in a digital store window, so that tourists can also find their way around and be provided with information outside the opening hours of the VVV".

Touchscreen tables for stores of Karwei.

Karwei is one of the country's well-known DIY chains. In order to continue to bind and captivate customers, a new formula has been developed, called "Karwei Q". Within this formula, they want to help the customer to show practical situations, based on the personal choices of the shopper.

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