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Ensuring that visitors follow the correct route with the help of a registration kiosk.

Registration kiosks have long been used in hospitals. These locations are already kept at a distance for privacy reasons, and privacy filters ensure that others can't peek along. Of course, the kiosks can be equipped with various peripherals such as document scanners, printers, etc.



Hospitals use registration kiosks from Prestop.

We designed and produced a unique login kiosk with an edge-to-edge pcap touch screen (full glass on the front) for both the AMC and the Amsterdam UMC. The touchscreen is provided with a privacy foil so that nobody except the user can read personal data unless standing in front of the information kiosk.

AMC case    Amsterdam UMC case

Schiphol self-service information point

Take a look at the video of Schiphol about the new information kiosks.

Various options

Because Prestop designs the kiosks in-house and has its own IT department, we can build in equipment such as passport scanners, NFC readers, thermal printers and more, and test/configure them in advance.

In principle, it is possible to build this equipment into almost all of our kiosks. However, the models below are primarily used by our partners.

more about registration kiosks

Take a look at the different ways in which the kiosks can be used.

Scan kiosk

Visitors can scan their invitation or entrance ticket themselves via their QR or barcode, without any physical contact by an employee. The staff member sees the visitors' information on his/her own monitor and the visitor sees the required information on his/her own monitor.

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Check-in kiosk

Hotel guests or congress delegates or event participants can check-in at a kiosks. The kiosk can be supplied with a passport scanner or RFID reader.
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Driver Kiosk

The driver kiosk is an outdoor kiosk specially designed for registering or signing in. You can add extra features like intercom or a camera to this kiosk, or link it to a database.

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Self-service information point

A self-service information point can be displayed in a public area of an airport, lobby or lobby, also as a registration kiosk. Expandable with a barcode scanner, microphone, speakers, webcam or video chat. Prestop is happy to recommend suitable hardware and software.

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Registration kiosk

The registration kiosk makes it possible for visitors to register themselves. These kiosks can be expanded with RFID readers and barcode scanners, whether or not linked to a database.

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