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Prestop applies edge-to-edge touch in all its information, order and check-in kiosks. This means that the monitor is processed completely behind glass and not, as with most of our competitors' kiosks, a monitor in a steel cabinet.

This has the big disadvantage that there is a seam between the monitor and steel. It is precisely in this seam that bacteria can develop. The applied edge-to-edge touchscreens are ideal to clean and keep clean because there is no seam.

In order to offer the user the possibility to disinfect his/her finger, Prestop has developed a number of kiosks in which contactless disinfection gel dispensers are incorporated.

corona self-test

The interactive corona questions test is now included free of charge with our contactless disinfection gel dispenser column. This wall model and column are equipped with a 27" touch screen on which various questions are asked to determine whether it is wise to enter the location further. The application is set up in such a way that it can be adapted to the house style. It is also possible to expand or modify the questionnaire. Now it is available only in Dutch, but other languages can easily be added on request.

The non-contact dispenser has a reservoir of no less than 5 liters. This means that the right amount of disinfectant can be released 5000 times.

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Our disinfection models


Watch the corona self-test and disinfection kiosk in action.

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Prestop has the largest Interactive Experience Center in Europe. Also now you are welcome in our Interactive Experience Center, at Ekkersrijt 4611 in Son en Breugel. We also give digital tours via Skype, Zoom or Teams. Via more than 16 webcams we let you watch live and let you "walk with" our specialists through our Interactive Experience Center. The images are shown live via multiple camera positions and you can ask questions directly from home. Questions about our interactive solutions, but also how we see the future. Solutions that can be used immediately during and after this crisis.


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