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Counter and standing order columns in eleven more Domino's

Monday 11 July 2022

Domino's self-order kiosks now well distributed throughout the country

In the past two weeks, order pillars have been installed at Domino's branches in eleven locations across the Netherlands. For example, counter models have been installed in Beuningen, Zwijndrecht and Heerenveen, a single-sided, upright order kiosk in Steenwijk and a double-sided, upright order kiosk in Dinxperlo. Because of the different models, every Domino's has the right kiosk for the right space. 

Advantages order kiosks at Domino's

With the order kiosks, less human contact is needed for ordering, and the contact can shift to welcoming customers and delivering orders. This leaves more time to prepare the pizzas and to use the (scarce) staff optimally. Domino's also deploys the pillars because it has been proven that an order kiosk generates significantly more turnover. After all, there are many more side sales.

Domino's has experienced this:

  • An ordering kiosk leads to an average of 25% more turnover
  • The average spending per guest increases significantly
  • It helps to have a more efficient staffing
  • Lowers monthly costs
  • Avoids long, confusing crowds in front of the cash register
  • Generates additional income through upselling and cross-selling


The kiosk software developed for Domino's is a tailor-made solution that you can find in Domino's stores nationwide. All available products in the shop and website are available on the kiosk. Customers can scroll through all menu categories and order pizzas, snacks, shakes, and more and customize them to their taste with the ingredient selector as customers are used to from Domino's. It is automatically updated every night and runs offline. Only the order and payment are made online.

When the customer has compiled his order, he can pay using the built-in pin terminal of Adyen, which supports all common payment methods. After payment, the order is passed on to the store concerned using Domino's API, it also appears on the in-store queue screen, and they immediately start working on the order.

In addition to the hardware, Prestop also supplies, in collaboration with application specialists, the ordering application and the cash register connections with, among others, BORK, Lightspeed L, Lightspeed K, Until, Gasttrofix, MplusKassa, MrWinston, Trivec, Nuvopos, Twelve, Vectron, Cashdesk, NCR Aloha, GreePOS, Oracle, Micros and VJA Software.

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