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Free video chat for care center

Friday 20 March 2020

Prestop has decided not only to focus on job preservation, innovation and continuing to inform our customers about our products and solutions by giving streaming demos, but also to offer help to those who desperately need it. We will do this by deploying part of the staff, software applications and equipment for free.

Next to the equipment Prestop has also developed software which can help the demented to keep the memories a bit. Prestop also realizes that with its initiatives it has to ensure that the care personnel are not burdened and will definitely take this into account. We also hope that our initiatives will motivate other companies to use their solutions.

Deployment of equipment

Prestop has equipment, software and people at its disposal to help those people who are no longer allowed to have physical contact in the coming weeks/months.

The rental to exhibition participants and the sale of our touch tables, information kiosks, touchscreens, etc. to the retail sector also came to a complete standstill. All our rental products can be equipped with webcams and the right Skype/Zoom video chat software.

Large mobile video call/video chat solution

Our touch tables and smart-lifts are equipped with lifts and can tilt their screens in such a way that even people lying in bed with a large image size of 55" and larger can see and hear their relatives and loved ones in large format. The solution is designed to be a plug-and-play solution and it will be a minimum burden on staff to roll these mobile solutions to residents and patients.

Small mobile video call/video chat solution

Prestop has a manual available on how to use a notebook with a webcam to allow the resident to easily get in touch with loved ones who are not allowed to come for the time being.

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How do the video chat solutions actually work?

The principle doesn't really work other than inviting someone to a party, you also pass on when it starts and ends. The invitation is sent to those who are welcome. The big difference is that the invitation is emailed from the location to an email address. This contains a link that has to be clicked on at a certain time. Basically it works on every smart phone and PC/laptop that has a webcam!

The connection is started automatically. Of course, we do give some explanation through our site, and we offer a test option, so we are sure it works and no time is lost with what it's all about: Getting back in touch with your loved ones.

Naturally we do need power and internet for both solutions. The large mobile unit is set up in such a way that it can be rolled in through a doorway. Once on location, power has to be connected and an internet connection has to be made. Then the height of the screen has to be set, so that the resident/patient can look at the screen. Of course, the screen can be equipped with wireless headphones, so that the sound does not have to be turned up very loud. The supervisor is one of the participants, so he or she can listen in if there are technical issues.

Outdoor video call/video chat solution

The second solution can be compared to the former system of the two cans with tightly stretched cord between them. Now, however, we put an adapted information column of ours outside the building. We have equipped this column with a webcam, speakers and simple calling software. This column is connected to a network cable which in turn is connected to a PC with camera and speakers. This way family members who don't have internet and want to come to the location daily can see and speak to each other 1 on 1.

Free software: Omnitapps Care

Prestop has developed a touch application to help people with (beginning) dementia in a playful way. This application contains various applications that need to be "filled" by a close relative with photos, videos and pictures (possibly with sound). This application needs to be installed on a so-called touch laptop that automatically switches to this program at startup. The user can then play a memory game or puzzle, but also watch short videos for example.

This application can be downloaded for free at Prestop. Volunteers will possibly support next of kin with filling the configuration. Prestop unfortunately does not have the equipment, but is busy looking for sponsors for this.

Cleaning product

Prestop has decided to offer its professional detergent used for cleaning its products in small packaging. These are professional agents that we normally use in our production process, which we offer to users of our, and other, touch systems in view of the circumstances of COVID-19. For each of these sponsored products, we provide sufficient resources to ensure that the equipment remains clean. The limited stock is offered commercially to companies and schools.

Interested in free video chat for care centers?

Fortunately, there is a high demand for our free video chat solution for care centers. That is of course great! To coordinate everything well, we would like to receive the request for the video chat online.

Click on the button below for the application form of video chat for care centers.

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