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 May 18th, 15.30 CET

On May 18th, we will extensively present what ordering kiosks can mean for the hospitality industry, quick service restaurants, unmanned stores, lunchrooms, snack bars, stores, etc.. A number of our customers have indicated that order columns generate more turnover, relieve the staff, ensure less physical contact with customers, create shorter/no queues and are safe.

Together with a number of partners we will present the various applications and hardware.

Prestop is the only manufacturer that has focused on sustainability, circularity and safety. Because we process the touch part behind glass, these order columns are very easy to clean but also parts are optimally protected and easy to replace, repair and reuse. More about our order columns can be found on this page. Examples of the various applications can be found on this page.

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During this webinar, focus is on the application possibilities, implementation of an order column in the hospitality industry, QSR and locations where food and beverages are sold.... We will bring forward practical examples from the likes of Shell, Domino's, etc.

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The Program

Implementation of order columns
Prestop is Value Added Manufacturer and works together with Payment Service Providers, suppliers of cash register systems, payment systems for the hospitality industry, restaurants, theaters, etc. We do not only produce these order columns but also support these parties in how to integrate our hardware with their (sw) applications. What this involves will also be brought forward:

- Connection with pin devices

- QR payment

- etc.

Live demonstrations order kiosks
Prestop is the largest manufacturer of order pillars and has a wide range of self-service / self-order order pillars. During the webinar we will demonstrate live the different models and show you where we assemble them.

Live demonstrations of ordering applications
In cooperation with a number of partners, live demonstrations will be given of the various ordering applications including the control of the kitchen screens and takeaway screens.


World firsts
During the webinars, a number of world firsts will be shown, such as a mobile order column for outdoor use. We will also show solutions with video chat that provide secure contact with the customer.

Elisabeth Verbrugge, Regional Manager at Domino's Pizza Netherlands, explains what this double order column is doing to generate extra turnover for Domino's Pizza.

Broodjes bus (The sandwich van)
Peter de Bus, owner of the Broodjes Bus, explains what his semi-outdoor order column has done for this food truck.

Junior Strous of Shell Wassenaar talks about his experiences with the order column.

At the end of this 50 minute webinar, product specialists will be on hand to answer (technical) questions that were asked during the webinar via chat about the applications and the order columns. This answering will continue until most questions have been answered.

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