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Click & Collect

How does the Click & Collect solution work?

With this software solution, the customer can indicate that they are outside and will collect an order. Scanning a QR code (clearly visible) with their smartphone opens a webpage where the customer can indicate that they want to collect an order. The shop staff knows which order it is by entering an order number.

Waiting number

The customer is assigned a waiting number and receives a message on their phone when it is their turn. The customer can wait in the car or outside. The shop owner can see the queue and the entered order numbers on a tablet, smartphone or computer via their web-based environment. The staff then calls out the waiting numbers one by one or selects a specific waiting customer from the queue.

Own management environment

Each shop (chain) will have its online management environment to manage the queue and call customers. A unique QR code is also available for each shop to print and post in a prominent location. It is, of course, possible to hang several QR codes at different places around the shop.

The shop only needs a tablet, smartphone or computer with an internet connection to operate the system.

Extra options for the waiting user:

  • Getting out of the queue. (stop)
  • Insight into how many people are waiting for them
  • Indicate that it is taking longer to report back
  • Set an SMS notification (SMS provider required)


  • There is also a possibility to combine a kiosk with a ticket printer with the QR code.


  • This solution is for rent for only €4 per day.
  • You can cancel it monthly.



Extra options for the shop personnel:

  • Call a waiting person from the queue earlier. (set the order yourself)

Extra options for the administrator:

  • Overview of all shops and waiting times
  • View reports and statistics
  • Download QR codes

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