Clean touchscreens with the right cleaning products.

By popular demand we now offer small packaging alcohol spray and anti-static cleaner. These are professional agents that we normally use in our production process, which we offer to users of our, and other, touch systems in view of the circumstances of COVID-19. The use of our touch solutions can be a solution for different companies, shops and institutions to keep the distance between people better, good cleaning of the products is now even more important.

Cleaning kits are directly deliverable via the shop!

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Anti static cleaner spray (250 ml) | Hygienic alcohol spray 70% (250 ml)

Two liquid products based on Alcohol ethanol and surfactants with antistatic action for hygienic purposes.

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We have managed to make stock of these sets available. We can start right away with a limited edition and expect replenishment in the coming weeks, so please let us know what your need is, so we can take it into account.

Research has shown that this ratio offers the best disinfecting effect, it is the standard mix used for these applications.

The liquids are supplied in a handy bottle. You should first apply the Hygienic Alcohol Spray 70% and then the Anti-Static Cleaner. Use the supplied microfiber cloth in the color of the label on the bottle. Spray enough liquid, repeat if necessary, on the supplied microfiber cloth and carefully wipe your kiosk, order kiosk, touch totem or touch table until the surface to be cleaned is dry. Think not only of the screen but also of payment terminals.

At the moment, detergents are scarce. Given the circumstances, we offer the set at the most competitive price. We ask all of you to purchase in an appropriate amount, so that we can provide for all customers. Click here for quotation request.

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