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Queue Management Solution for Butcher van der Zalm

Wednesday 02 December 2020

Queue problem Slagerij van der Zalm solved with the Prestop queue solution.

After we gave a streaming demo of the queue management system Jeroen van der Zalm decided to invest directly in this solution to make sure there is no queue formation for his business.

Visitors are now admitted after the number they received is shown on the two screens and on their smartphones.

Visitors now have the possibility to either get a serial number by scanning a QR code or by printing one ticket with a number through the ticket column. The staff behind the counter can see how many people are waiting and can call the next number themselves.

Customers who have placed an online order and want to pick it up can choose from the second menu option 'pick up order'. The butcher's staff can see not only that an order is being picked up, but also the order number. They can then prepare the order before the customer is called in.

An analytics tool keeps track of exactly what the peak moments are, the average waiting time, the number of customers, etc. With these data Jeroen can plan his staff better!

Because this is an online application, Jeroen can change settings, background screens, etc. himself.

Immediately after installation, the solution was already in full use, both the QR scanning and printing of tickets and now the visitors spread out in front of the store instead of waiting in line.

More info about this solution can be found under this link. Of course, you can also request an online demonstration or plan a visit to our Interactive Experience Center.


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