Custom made design and production.

The Prestop design team develops products in SolidWorks. We create a design based on the client's wishes, and sometimes with their input. Materials are selected on the basis of location, aim and budget. Materials used include inox, Corten steel, steel and aluminium. Prestop is skilled in glazing, whatever the material or shape. Examples include hardened glass, polycarbonate and mirrored glass. In our cleanroom, the glass surface can be coated with a PCAP touch layer. Prestop has developed and produced a huge amount in the last 25 years, all of it custom made and for a range of solutions.


Are you looking for an interactive solution? We're happy to create a design that meets all your needs.
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If you have questions about applications, programs or equipment, we'd love to give you advice about your options.
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Prestop has made a decision to produce everything in the Netherlands. That way, we can ensure quality.
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In-house production and assembly.

To guarantee high quality, Prestop has made a deliberate decision to produce everything in the Netherlands. Whether the range is big or small, our customers always get a high-quality, 100% Dutch product for a fair price. Prestop products are CE certified and meet the highest quality standards. Prestop products can also be certified in any other way you wish.

We are Prestop. We make interactive solutions.

More than 25 years of experience.

We are there for anyone who is looking for a way to present, activate and interact with the greatest possible impact. Why are we the leading experts in this field? Because we have been creating interactive experiences since 1993 and do not spare any effort to constantly work on new developments in hardware and software. The guarantee: Our solutions provide amazement, interaction and valuable data. From the moment our collaboration starts, we offer unrivalled support.


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