Control the flow of visitors with the queue management system


Especially on busy days, it is crucial to regulate the flow of visitors. With Prestop's queue management system, this is now made possible easily for both owners and visitors.

The visitor to the location has three ways to register. In all cases where a mobile phone is used, the user can receive a message via his/her mobile phone that tells them they can walk towards the entrance.


  1. The visitor can register by scanning the QR code. This QR-code can be located on a large billboard, on a bus, etc. Of course, this code can also be located on digital screens/posters that also display extra information. Every QR-code is different, so it can be used in every location.
  2. A second possibility is to register the visitor at a minimum distance of 2 meters or 6 feet and give him a number that the visitor must remember. If the visitor has a mobile phone and is willing to give his/her number, the visitor will receive an SMS.
  3. If the visitor does not have a mobile phone available, he or she can register at the registration kiosk. A ticket with a number will then be printed out.

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Ideal in combination with digital pavement boards

The QR code can be displayed perfectly on digital pavement signs. In addition to the code, more information about whose turn and when can be shown on it. These can be placed outside at a strategic location, so that they can also serve as an attention grabber and customer stopper.

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