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Although Prestop is a manufacturer of touchscreen solutions, we also offer a number of contactless solutions.

Solutions that are perfect in the situation when touchscreens are not the solution or are too high an investment for the goal to be achieved. Because COVID now also asks for solutions where in principle no touchscreens are needed, but security is paramount.

Contactless scan column

For more than 8 years Prestop has been the supplier of many interactive applications for Heineken Experience. For example, you cannot only order a bottle of beer with your own label at the Bottle Your Own, but you can also order tickets in the lobby via the ticket ordering column.

Equipped with two Full HD displays in portrait and barcode scanner. When the visitor scans the ticket, both the visitor and the staff see whether the ticket is valid and for how many people. Completely contactless.

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Contactless ticket printer

Our contactless ticket printer is mainly used with our Queue Management solution. A ticket is printed by holding your hand at the printer. Of course, this ticket printer can be used in combination with other applications.

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Contactless interactive poster

All the technology, the screen and the sensors, are behind glass. On the glass is a sticker which is a kind of table of contents. By holding your hand in front of a certain position, a trigger is given to the player that causes other content to be displayed.

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Contactless Interactive Shop Window

This solution also works with contactless buttons that register hands nearby. In this display window, however, objects such as watches can be placed with a screen in the background that can be operated by you.

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Touchpen dispenser

With a touch pen, you can operate a touchscreen, self-service kiosk or ATM without touching the device with a finger. For this, we have developed a dispenser that automatically releases a touch pen. The touch pen can be taken without contact with the dispenser. So the customer doesn't have to touch anything! 

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QR payments/input data

With this solution, developed by us, the entry of the address details and the payment are carried out on a mobile phone. After scanning the QR code, a website is opened in which the user can enter his/her details. For the demo, we leave the entered data on the screen. After approval, you can choose which bank should be used to pay. 

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Interactive Experience Center.

Prestop has the largest Interactive Experience Center in Europe. Also now you are welcome in our Interactive Experience Center, at Ekkersrijt 4611 in Son en Breugel. We also give digital tours via Skype, Zoom or Teams. Via more than 16 webcams we let you watch live and let you "walk with" our specialists through our Interactive Experience Center. The images are shown live via multiple camera positions and you can ask questions directly from home. Questions about our interactive solutions, but also how we see the future. Solutions that can be used immediately during and after this crisis.


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